Mud Glorious Mud – There’s nothing quite like it ……………

Cat WalkCat Walk 2

The wall in the Mediterranean garden has been washed out by the persistent rain; another job for the to do list.

Ivan one of our farm cats prefers not to get his feet muddy while he’s looking for mice.

Endless Rain …. When will it stop?
The soil is washing down the path and now we need a solution to drain the paths.  Another big job for after the rain, we will dig some trenches, lay some pipes and fill with gravel; then it won’t be slippery and we will be able to cut the grass and get the trailer up the slope in the future. It seems the exceptional winter rain is becoming a familiar pattern. The curved paths help drain the surrounding beds so the plants aren’t drowning in water. Cornwall this year has seen exceptional warmth with day and night temperatures more typical of April.  We’ve also had a lot of strong winds and lots of repairs to deal with.
Muddy Path2 Endless Rain 2

A couple of pictures of our new mudslide

KeepiAnenome bursting 2ng Botrytis at bay with essential Oils
Since November in Tregrehan it’s been raining almost every day and uncharacteristically warm; also cloudy and overcast. This has led to problems with humidity, botrytis and grey mould in the polytunnel.

The Polytunnel smells wonderful!
We have sprayed daily with dilute clove oil solution to keep the Botrytis at bay. It has been a real problem but not really a chore it smells soo…. delicious.

Polytunnel full of early seedlings I think we are in for an early summer!  😀
I know its only February but because of the mild weather we have started on our summer annuals. In small trays in case the weather turns – just to be on the safe side.

Early Perennials 2Polytunnel Feb 2

Early Perennials!

 posers 2  Wellbeing Garden 2


The Wellbeing Garden
Looks like we will have early summer blooms, some are already in bud, just waiting for the sun – In February?

Rose and Peony Beds 2The Rose and Peony Beds

We’ve been working hard – the beds are top mulched to prevent weeds and pruned for the coming season – Can’t wait!

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